Color Capture

To capture the SHADE of our island’s sun, Discover Puerto Rico turned to Héctor J. Jiménez, Ph.D., a physicist at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Through a series of models and calculations, Dr. Jiménez measured everything from the temperature of the sun to its movements around the Island throughout the day.


“Puerto Rico’s constant breeze continually cleanses the atmosphere of smog and other polluting gases, allowing sunlight to shine through the atmosphere and reach the Island in a purer state.” – Dr. Jimenez

Puerto Rico is a place like no other;
the Island of Enchantment and Eternal Sun

When Discover Puerto Rico invited Bettina Cosmetics to participate in the Puerto Rico Sunshine celebration, we immediately began developing a unique nail enamel color inspired by the Puerto Rican sun, heritage and warmth. It is an honor to represent the essence of our island in three different finishes to wear the same versatile color for day and night.

Inspired by the breathtaking sunsets at “La Isla del Encanto”, Paradise is the purest expression of Puerto Rico Sunshine.

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Level up your look with Tropical Shine, a glimmering tone full of possibilities. Use as a glitter base color or as a fun top coat for your Puerto Rico Sunshine mani & pedi!

Explore the shades of the Sun that defines our beautiful island of Puerto Rico.