botellaFrom the time it was founded in October 1963, M & J Inc. was the heart and soul of a family from Mayagüez. The company that was established as a result of the partnership between the spouses Julia and Victor Mercado and the businessmen Richard Solomon and Herb Wilson was founded with the vision of accentuating the beauty of Puerto Rican women with high quality products while offering its customers excellent service.

M & J, Inc. began as a distributor of cosmetics, of which Woltz, the line of Italian nail polishes, stood out. Despite the fact that there were already several multinational lines on the market, Woltz was highly successful thanks to three very important factors: excellent quality, a broad selection of colors, affordable prices. Twenty years later, the Bettina® line of nail polishes was created, and since its inception, it has been the largest selling brand in Puerto Rico.

planta-bettina-webWith the help of the new generation of the Mercado family, Bettina® Cosmetics did not take long to become a large makeup line that includes the well-known Dual Foundation Powder, Liquid Foundation, and Foundation Stick. The Intact Color Lipsticks along with the wide range of intense, long-lasting eye shadow, blush and waterproof eyeliners are other stand-outs of the line. Bettina Mercado, the youngest daughter who rose to the position of president of the new Bettina Cosmetics, Inc. in 2008, took on the task of searching for the best elements from around the world to take this brand to another level as Bettina® Cosmetics.

Today over 50 years later Bettina® Cosmetics has achieved a top position within the vast cosmetics market, not only due to its high quality but also because of its distinctive colors that are much more than the color trends of the moments. In addition to the typical shares of the different seasons for both nail enamel and cosmetics, Bettina offers you the option of finding its full line all year round.